Cars are now not just the motive, design, or frame of war. All modern technology areas, that is, your company’s cars are in severe competition, as these technologies seem to be vi. A few years ago, the idea has now become a reality.

Of course, “mobile technology” will often go to the new technology from the company to the general brand. The following 10 car breakthroughs are considered to be the 2018 in the annual conference. Most of the applications we list are still in the luxury car industry.

1. Semi automatic driving function

Even when it comes to automatic driving, some people think Tesla is the first one, but in fact many cars have put this technology in a high-level model of their car.

For example, CT6 Cadillac in the editing function, equipped with a super cruise system, combined with the station’s automatic adaptation, the emergence of blind spots, lane keeping support and emergency automatic brake and a series of sensors to help. I can drive away from your arms and legs. The speed of the control system on the car can also allow the driver to move ahead to keep the distance between the road and the lane ahead of the vehicle.

A camera installed on the steering wheel system can help ensure that the driver is not too careless to fall asleep or semi automatic driving mode.

2. Automatic avoidance of accidents

There are two XC60 Lexus cars and regal car models in the deserved honor items. Basically, two systems use sensors to calculate possible collisions, automatic braking pressure and opening to avoid obstacles.

In Lexus, it stopped supporting attack driving and brakes, avoiding accidents, which is much more than supporting part of the Volvo car brake system, supporting the opening, and helping drivers easily move back and forth.

3. In health car

Mercedes Benz S class equipment template – function upgrade one version is called “energizing comfort”, a “hot spring car” program is set to 6, affecting the air conditioning system temperature, air ventilated seats, C massage skills, background lights, car audio system, the system automatically helps perfume people sitting on the car to get a balance and relax after the work is more tired.

This system can customize five different intervention levels in four regions of the climate in the driver’s cab.

4. virtual reality

Instead of providing a guidebook for the thick and puzzling modern group company’s car genesis, it provides users with a virtual name creation application guide.

Users just need to open the application on the phone, and the guidance points of the camera phone will appear intuitively and vividly than before reading.

5. Near field communication connection

Bluetooth technology is connected to the main lane in the past few years, and some manufacturers tried to simplify the operation of the connection until the near field communication technology was born. SUZUKI is the first vehicle of a company which is near field communication belt.

6. CCTV cab

These cars are SUZUKI’s large space observation space odyssey, followed by the necessary drivers in the safety car. Instead of a convex spherical mirror and multiple different vehicles, Odyssey, equipped with a wide-angle camera in 2018, helps drivers easily observe two rows.

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